"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." Or is it? 

Eating intelligently has become an art these days, with so much choice and temptation around us. But to enjoy food is also a necessity, and eating intelligently shouldn't be about counting calories, denying yourself, or feeling guilty if you have a slice of chocolate cake with whipped cream. My motto (as boring as it sounds) is everything in moderation.

Eating healthily is a way of life and once you've learnt some basic principles, should become second nature – so that you eat as your body desires, not according to a set of rules (or points!) Ruth offers one-to-one nutritional sessions in which she will analyse your diet, provide recommendations based on your current health, lifestyle and goals, offer recipes and meal plans, and provide cognitive behavioural change coaching.

Ruth has over 15 years experience as a nutritionist having gained a Masters degree from the renowned MSc Nutrition course at King's College London and has worked with food companies, start up health and fitness apps, employee wellbeing providers, football teams, athletes, parents and children, as well as regularly featuring as an expert on the BBC, ITV and other media outlets. 

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